In August of 2011, I began creating Slides to document a very powerful Spiritual Awakening I was having, that continues to this very day.

Starting with very little knowledge of the Bible, I began to study the various translations. At the same time I also began studying the Occult. As I compared the two I noticed interesting patterns and strange correlations.

Somewhere along the way I fell in love with the King James Version of the Bible and made the lifelong decision and conclusion that every word in the KJV is TRUTH and contains zero errors. I thus became ‘Born Again’ and haven’t looked back. As a former Roman Catholic, it was an extremely difficult and painful experience.

These slide shows document the progress I have made over the years in my quest for Truth. The earliest slides are very primitive, amateurish and maybe even a little embarrassing. The newest slides are more refined and focused. I have decided to put them all on display here as a type of ‘diary’ for those that are curious.

I still have a long way to go, which means brand new slides will be added as soon I create them.

Be sure and check back later for more!

Slides 0000 through 0099

Slides 0100 through 0199

Slides 0300 through 0399

Slides 0400 through 0499

Slides 0500 through 0599

Slides 0600 through 0699

Slides 0200 through 0299

Slides 0700 through 0799

Animated Slides

Slides 0800 through 0899

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