Chapter-02: Relating DNA to Bible Construction

Now that we know a little about the physical construction of the Bible, it's time to relate what we’ve learned so far to DNA.

Here is a handy chart for reference…

First, we’ll link the DNA elements shown in the chart to their respective Key Words…

Hydrogen = Heaven

This one’s my favorite.

Hydrogen is element number one (the Chief Cornerstone) on the Periodic Table of Elements…

Just like Jesus is number one to us Christians... easy to remember.

Can you think of something in the Heavens that is made of Hydrogen and related to Jesus?

That’s right… the Sun.

The Sun is made mostly of Hydrogen, and Jesus is often compared to the Sun throughout Scripture...

Note that Hydrogen ‘floats’ or ‘ascends’ into the heavens… something that most Christians would like to do one day.

If you’ve ever seen photos from the Hubble Telescope, then you most likely saw Hydrogen Clouds...

Scripture tell us that Jesus will return "in the clouds"...

Matthew 26:64

"Jesus saith unto him, Thou hast said: nevertheless I say unto you, Hereafter shall ye see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven"

Later we will learn about the "Pillar of Cloud" that hovered over the Tabernacle.

Just for fun... take a look at that Hydrogen atom in the previous slide.

Imagine Jesus was a Proton, sitting at the right hand of Power called the Neutron.

Interesting yes?

Who do you suppose the Electron would be?


Phosphorus = Earth

Phosphorus is Element number fifteen on the Periodic Table of Elements.

It is likened to our sinful, worldly, earthly nature. It is a heavy element that acts like an anchor… preventing us from ‘ascending’ in a sense.

Phosphorus is a 'fiery' element. Matches are made from it…

When the Bible speaks of our flesh being corrupt, I believe it has to do with this element as you will soon see. Hint… ever heard of matches called Lucifers?

Note that the element next to Phosphorus (element fifteen), is Sulfur (element sixteen).

Sulfur is called Brimstone in Scripture. The idea here is to get away from "Fire and Brimstone" and towards the path of Hydrogen, or Jesus/Heaven.

Now then... what is in between Heaven/Hydrogen and Earth/Phosphorus?

The Sky of course! We also know this from Genesis 1...

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth"

Then he created a space in between...

"God called the expanse "sky." Evening came and then morning: the second day"

Perfect. The Sky is made mostly of Nitrogen. Nitrogen is element seven. Seven is a very special number indeed.

Air is what we breathe, and it is often associated to spirits... like the "Seven Spirits" in Revelation.

Thus, the Sky portion of the Bible Genetic Code would relate to the Nitrogenous Bases of…





Since these elements exist between Heaven and Earth, we can relate them to their respective section of the Bible as well.

The Four Gospels of…





Our final element is more of a ‘component’ of DNA and is not found on the Periodic Table.

That component is called Deoxyribose.

Deoxyribose is basically Sugar… and it can be compared to the ‘Forbidden Fruit’ found on the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Later we will compare it to Manna. The ‘Food of Angels’.

Excellent. We now have all of our DNA elements...

And finally, we can place these elements onto our Bible graphic...

Now… for all intents and purposes… the last graphic shown depicts what is known in the scientific community as a ‘Nucleotide’… however the ‘Chief Cornerstone’ is usually left out of diagrams.

We will discuss this further in our next lesson.

Here is another ‘Heaven and Earth’ comparison between the two sections of the Bible…

Judaism is more in line with Old Testament teachings and awaits the ‘earthly’ messiah and kingdom of Moshiach.

Christianity on the other hand is more in line with New Testament teachings and awaits the ‘heavenly’ messiah and kingdom of Jesus.

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