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“Cain: The Mark of Immortality, Sorcery and Human Sacrifice”


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The Quantum Christ: “Where Science and Scripture Collide”

Table of Contents

In the Beginning

Mystery Revealed School

Michael’s Scales

Bible Rosetta Stone

Part 1 - Godhead/Trinity

Part 2 - The Two Witnesses

Kingdom of God/Heaven Within

The Three Heavens (Macrocosm, Microcosm and Multiverse)

The Three Hells (Macrocosm, Microcosm and Multiverse)

Planck Scale

M-Theory and the Word of God

The Bulk and Branes of the Operation

Our Simulated Reality

Alternate Dimensions

Time Travel

Big Bang and Expanding Universe

Dark Energy

The “Ye Shall Be As God” Particle

Dark Matter

The Battle Between Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Particle Scale

Quarks and Leptons

Lucifer’s Missing Neutrinos

Four Forces of Nature

Sub Atomic Scale

The Godhead vs. The Atom

The Holy Ghost vs. The Electron

The Word vs. The Proton

The Father vs. The Neutron


Matter and Anti-Matter Weapons

CERN: “Where Science and Scripture Collide”

Part 1 - Crucified Protons

Part 2 - Angels & Demons

Part 3 - The Neon God

Part 4 - The Silicon Sea Beast

Part 5 - Salt + Sulphur + Mercury

Part 6 - Daniel’s Dreadful Beast (Coming Soon)

Atomic Scale

The Periodic Garden of Elements (Coming Soon)

Hydrogen as Christ (Coming Soon)

Nitrogen as Adam and Eve (Coming Soon)

Phosphorus as Lucifer (Coming Soon)

Carbon, 666 and the Mark of the Beast

Dust Scale

Dust of the Ground (Coming Soon)

Sand of the Sea (Coming Soon)

Molecular Scale

Melchizedek the Nucleotide Candlestick Branch (Coming Soon)

DNA Scale

The Mitochondrial DNA Candlestick (Coming Soon)

Lucifer’s Phosphorus Lamps (Coming Soon)

The Ark of the Covenant as DNA (Coming Soon)

Lucifer’s Ten Unique Base Pairs (Coming Soon)

Organelle Scale

Tabernacle Organelles

Ark of the Covenant/Nucleolus

Sprinkling of Blood/Ribosomes

Most Holy Place/Nucleus

Covering of Skins/Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum

Brazen Altar/Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum

Table of Shewbread/Golgi Apparatus


Twin Corner Pillars (Jachin and Boaz)/Centrosomes

Altar of Incense/Vesicles

Brazen Laver/Cytoplasm

Frames, Bars, Ropes/Cytoskeleton (Coming Soon)

Food Offerings/Vacuoles (Coming Soon)

Pans, Shovels, Waste/Lysosomes (Coming Soon)

Courtyard Fence/Outer Cell Membrane (Coming Soon)

Cellular Scale

Mary’s Ovum Tabernacle (Coming Soon)

Lucifer’s Almost Perfect Temple (Coming Soon)

Our Future Quantum Body Temple (Coming Soon)

Tabernacle of David (Coming Soon)

Anatomic Scale

The Womb, Hell and Reincarnation

Part 1 - Lake of Fire and the Ouroboros

Part 2 - Phoenix and the Worm

Part 3 - Moloch and the Sacred Cow Portal

Part 4 - Sin of the Golden Calf and Abortion

Part 5 - Proof Reincarnation is Biblical

The Heart and the Throne of God (Coming Soon)

The Twenty Four Elder Ribs (Coming Soon)

The Twenty Four Cranial Nerves (Coming Soon)

Four Living Creatures in the Heart (Coming Soon)

Power in the Blood (Coming Soon)

Human Scale

Cain: The Mark of Immortality, Sorcery and Human Sacrifice

Christ as the Living Word (Coming Soon)

City/Nation Scale

Mystery Babylon

Planetary Scale

Earth Opened Her Mouth (Coming Soon)

Pillars of Earth (Coming Soon)

Inferior (Inner) Solar System Scale

Paul as Mercurius (Coming Soon)

Superior (Outer) Solar System Scale

Barnabus as Jupiter (Coming Soon)

Solar System Scale

Wandering Stars (Coming Soon)

Interstellar Scale

Stars as the Word (Coming Soon)

Galactic Scale

The Spiral DNA Galaxy (Coming Soon)

Intergalactic Scale

The Mazzaroth Nucleobases (Coming Soon)

Universe Scale

Wisdom and Dark Matter Cosmic Neurons (Coming Soon)

Multiverse Scale

New Jerusalem (Coming Soon)

Isaiah 65:20 - Death in the New Heavens and New Earth?

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