Sub Atomic Scale

CERN: “Where Science and Scripture Collide” (Part 3) - The Neon God

Since Anti-Matter (The Unholy Trinity) is an area of great of importance to CERN, it would be prudent for us to take a close look at what they’re up to regarding this incredibly dangerous substance and how it relates to Scripture.

Meet… the Anti-Christ… oops, I mean the Anti-Hydrogen Laser Physics Apparatus or ALPHA…

And yes…

Not only is the name of this experiment a complete mockery of Jesus…

…the very thing in which it creates, Anti-Hydrogen, is literally the Anti-Christ at the Atomic Scale!

Did you catch the subliminal?

In a future Chapter, we will learn how Hydrogen is the Chief Cornerstone of the Periodic Garden of Elements.

For now, we will focus on the Sub-Atomic Particle aspect of ALPHA.

From Wikipedia…

“The ALPHA experiment is designed to trap neutral antihydrogen in a magnetic trap, and conduct experiments on them”

“The ultimate goal of this endeavour is to test CPT symmetry through comparison of the atomic spectra of hydrogen and antihydrogen”

We see that, besides trapping Anti-Hydrogen (as we saw in the movie Angels and Demons), the ALPHA’s ultimate goal is to test CPT Symmetry.

What is CPT Symmetry?

In short, it’s all about looking for ‘the glitch in the Matrix’…

In other words, Scientists are trying to figure out why our Universe isn’t made of equal parts of Matter and Anti-Matter.

Somewhere during the initial moments of the Big Bang there was a glitch or ‘CP Symmetry Violation’.

CPT Symmetry Violation is simply another version of this glitch with Time (T) added.

As silly as the Matrix analogy may seem, the folks at CERN actually use this terminology…

Let’s take a closer look at this Anti-Hydrogen ‘trapping’ scheme…

Now then…

Before one can go about trapping Anti-Matter, it must first be created.

And according to the official ALPHA website, the best way to go about creating Anti-Matter is through NEO!


No, not that NEO (not yet anyhow).

This one…

Neon actually derived its name from the Greek word for “New” or Neo.

"This gas, identified in June, was named neon, the Greek analogue of "novum", (new), the name Ramsay's son suggested"

Neon is used to create the Anti-Electron or ‘Positron’ part of the Anti-Hydrogen Atom…

Pay close attention to that last sentence…

"ALPHA uses a solid film of condensed neon as its moderator; this is one of the most efficient positron moderators"

A Positron Moderator basically slows the Positron down enough to ‘capture’ it.

Here is a diagram of a typical design…

We see that the Neon has to be frozen, like the North Pole, in order to make it all work…

Daniel 11:40

"And at the time of the end shall the king of the south push at him: and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter into the countries, and shall overflow and pass over"

Why is this important?

Remember what we learned earlier about Anti-Electrons?

That’s right.

The Dragon in the Book of Revelation matches up with the Positron in our research.

Could the Chemical Element Neon be related to the Dragon?

Let’s study the Dragon of Revelation to see if there is any correlation.

Revelation 12:3

"And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads"


That verse is loaded with clues.

The Dragon is Red.

Neon’s natural color is Red when placed in a high voltage Electric field…

Of course everyone knows that Neon is used for advertising signs because it is a source of Light…

2 Corinthians 11:14

"And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light"

No marvel indeed.

Note that Neon is Element Ten because it has Ten Protons.

The Dragon has Ten Horns.

When we apply our Bible Rosetta Stone, we find that Horns at the Outer Anatomic Scale match up with Protons at the Sub-Atomic Scale…

Outer Anatomic Scale

Father = Crown

Word = Horn

Holy Ghost = Eye

Combined = Head

Sub-Atomic Scale

Father = Neutron

Word = Proton

Holy Ghost = Electron

Combined = Generic Atomic Structure

Therefore, Ten Horns = Ten Protons, or the Chemical Element Neon.

It would seem we may be on to something here...

If we continue with the Seven Crowns we find that it matches with the Neutron.

Seven Neutrons = Nitrogen which is Element Seven…

Nitrogen will be a KEY player as we climb the Scales of Dispensation…

Nitrogen is used in the Penning Trap as a ‘buffer’ when creating Positrons...

In other words, the Sodium Source (Na/Element 11) produces the Positrons (Dragon Power) that are slowed down in the Cryogenic Neon Solid (Element 10) which then collide with the Nitrogen (Element 7) in the Trap and head down the Electromagnetic Rods of Iron.

That’s a scary match!

Let’s see… Ten Horns and Seven Crowns of the Dragon…


Isn’t there a ‘Little Horn’ that eventually shows up in all of this?

That would make Eleven.

Eleven Horns = Sodium

Hey, isn’t that used as the ‘Source’?

To be continued…

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