Chapter-08: Sephirot

As we delve further into the true meaning of the Sephirot, we see that it involves re-creating the perfect Man… or Man 2.0.

Right away one can see the Serpent strand of RNA and the Image of Man superimposed onto the Tree as to further reinforce the agenda.

Agenda is the operative word here. Make no mistake. These practices, rituals, Magick etc. are ultimately designed to manifest “THE ONE”.

Who is “THE ONE”?

It depends. If one is a Christian, then “THE ONE” would mean something akin to The Antichrist.

If one is a New Ager, Mason, Hindu, or other religion… then “THE ONE” could represent a future long awaited Messiah.

Who is right? Maybe in the end… it will be both. Time will tell.

Towards the end of this presentation, we will uncover a deeply hidden mystery encoded within The Book of Revelation.

With the advancement of Science and the aid of the Internet, we can quickly scour the planets archives for clues using the Christian Bible as our guide.

What will be revealed will be shocking to some.

Ten Emanations

Ten Kings

Ten Commandments

Ten Horns

Ten DNA Base Pairs

Ten “Lost Tribes”

It all adds up to the literal re-creation of Lucifer himself… or should I say… itself.

Scholars that are on the cutting edge of this research are hard to find, and information on this subject is scarce at the moment.

Here is one of those scholars, Pastor Mike Hoggard, mapping out the Sephirot vs. New Man agenda in this unique video.

Fast forward to 19:00 to learn more about this so called “Tree of Life”…

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Home DNA: The Most Holy Place Quantum Christ Freemasonry Exposed Tarot Exposed Movies Slides