Chapter-16: Tabernacle as Ovum of Mary

Scripture tells us that the curtain inside the Tabernacle/Temple is the ‘flesh of Jesus’…

Hebrews 10:19-20

“Having therefore, brethren, boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesus…

by a new and living way, which he hath consecrated for us, through the veil, that is to say, his flesh”

Therefore, this particular Egg Cell/Tabernacle isn’t just an ordinary human’s… its Christ’s.

Note that the Tabernacle is carried in a most humble manner… through a Wilderness or Desert… for 40 years after fleeing Egypt and the evil Pharaoh.

This is related to the Woman of the Apocalypse who is nourished in the Wilderness for a time, times and half a time or forty two months.

Pharaoh is a picture of the Dragon who is wroth and sends a flood (Red Sea) after her. The Red Sea is parted (swallowed) allowing the Woman (Tabernacle/Israelites) to escape.

40 weeks is the length of an average pregnancy. Scripture is hinting at the deeper meaning here.

The Tabernacle therefore is most likely a picture of the Virgin Mary’s ovum. The Gnostics have picked up on this idea with ISIS as a picture of Mary in the Temple…

The funny thing about that Tarot is that Isis has her back to the exit. The rising Sun and Venus is behind her. She beckons people to “part her veil”… but in reality she is asking the Initiate to leave God’s Temple by walking past her and going on the “Fool’s Journey” (as opposed to Hero’s Journey).

BTW, women aren’t allowed in the Temple, so this is blasphemy, which I’m sure is lost on most that practice divination using these cards.

The High Priests are the ones who can enter the temple. This is a picture of conception. However… since Christ was not conceived by man… it could mean that these High Priests represent a sort of “Holy Royal Genetic Engineer”.

The High Priest is a Christian version of the Magickian or Hermes…

These have the power, knowledge and authority to enter into the Most Holy Place (Cell Nucleus/Chromosome area) and “sprinkle the Blood” onto the Ark/Chromosomes/DNA.

Sprinkling the Blood is an obvious reference to Gene Splicing and Genetic Tinkering of some sort.

Therefore, Christ was a “Genetically Engineered Super Being”… all of this backed up by scripture!

Why? What is the purpose?

It was done in order to create a being that would ‘pass the test’ so to speak. Christ was able to do everything necessary to “escape the Earth/Hell prison system”.

Was he the first? I don’t know.

One thing I know for sure… it is his DNA template that will get the rest of the Human Race (if they so choose) into New Jerusalem.

We need to be upgraded with his ‘Blood’ (DNA) in order to ‘pass the test’.

This is why you hear songs about Blood, etc…

‘Power in the blood’ and ‘Nothing but the blood’

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Home DNA: The Most Holy Place Quantum Christ Freemasonry Exposed Tarot Exposed Movies Slides